digital dna inc.
digital dna is your e-MARKETING and WEB partner in Japan.

Not only we provide top notch WEB DESIGN, E-MAKRETING
and E-COMMERCE CONSULTATION, we're also pretty good at assisting
global companies seeking to enter one of the toughest
e-markets in the world.

We offer cutting edge competitive web branding and
strategic web marketing services.


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some of our recent works..

Hula (Honolulu, Hawaii)
(web design / development / systems)
Hawai‘i Academy of Recording Arts (Honolulu, Hawaii)
(web design / development)
Disney Destination International / Disney Japan
(print creative)
Fujifilm Medical IT solution
(web system & creative)
Hawaii Duck Tour (Honolulu, Hawaii)
(web design / development)
PoePoe Hawaiian Culture Center (Honolulu, Hawaii)
(web design / development)
Hawaii Health And Wellness Systems (Honolulu, Hawaii)
(web design / development)
Honolulu Hula Formal (Honolulu, Hawaii)
(event director / creative / web / artist bookings / promotions)
Festival Na Hiwahiwa Hawaii (Tokyo, Japan)
(web / creative / social media)
Takako's Hearty Dining (Beveryly Hills, California)
(web design / development)
College Hula Competition 2012 (Yokohama, Japan)
(web design / development)
Hawaii's Music Today (Honolulu, Hawaii)
(web design / development)
Mele Mei (Honolulu, Hawaii)
(web design / development)
Mana Maoli (Honolulu, Hawaii)
(web design / development)
Pitluck Kido & Aipa (law firm) (Honolulu, Hawaii)
(web design / development)
ecomo (Tokyo, Japan)
(web design / development)
New Mobility Design - 畑山一郎公式サイト (Tokyo, Japan)
(web design / development)
Ukulele Picnic in Hawaii Official Webiste (Honolulu, Hawaii)
(web design / creative / event coordination & liason)
Dokoga-TV (Honolulu, Hawaii)
(coordinator / japan correspondent)
Pakele Foundation (Honolulu, Hawaii)
(web design)
American Airlines Japan
(social media / content management)
Advance Communication (Tokyo, Japan)
(website design)
Day Dream Beauty Spa (Honolulu, Hawaii)
(website design/translation/SEO/SEM)
Mahana Hula Studio (Yokohama, Japan)
(web design / development)
Baby Loves Disco Japan
(website/localization/e-commerce/Event support)

we love working with our clients...

American Airlines Japan
Disney Japan
Heineken Japan
Loreal Japan brands
Nuskin Japan
Shinsei Bank

just to name a few...